10 Encouraging Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow

When you open up Instagram, do you feel encouraged? Do you feel uplifted and inspired? Do you walk away feeling built up in Christ?

Let me tell you… social media can be such a funny thing to a lot of people.

Social media can get a bad rap. It can be seen so negatively and often, we don’t feel uplifted when we leave social media. Most of the time, we leave social media caught in the comparison game.

Yet, when I started this whole blogging journey six months ago, I knew I had to be a part of social media. So I wanted to find gals to encourage me along the way. Now six months later, I have found so many who are using their voices to spread light, encouragement and hope.

Social media provides such an awesome opportunity to create community, all while doing some awesome things for God and His kingdom! And that’s exactly what I have seen happen in the lives of my countless new “Instagram besties.” They are using their voices on social media (and beyond) to give glory and honor to the One True King. They are using their platforms to shed light on a dark world, all by encapsulating Christ’s love!

THIS IS SUCH A BEAUTIFUL THING, Y’ALL. These sweet friends of mine are living out Colossians 3:16-17, by “admonishing one another in all wisdom” and “doing everything in the name of the Lord Jesus.” They run their Instagram accounts, blogs and lives fueled by Jesus. Their interests range anywhere from fashion…motherhood…life and marriage! Despite their different interests, they all encourage in a beautiful, uplifting and Christ-centered way.

These accounts that I am about to mention inspire, uplift and encourage me every single day. They make opening up social media an exciting and beautiful place!

1. Rachel Prochnow / @rachelprochnow


First up, I’d like to tell you about my friend, Rachel! Trust me — you will love her. She is known on Insta as @rachelprochnow and is the author of where she talks about life, style, fashion, her cutie doggie and most importantly… JESUS!

Rachel believes that each and every gal has intrinsic worth! That every one of us were made in by God and in His image (Psalm 139) and that is what matters the most. She’s a big proponent of no matter what your background is, no matter what you’ve gone through or how you’ve hurt, Jesus has a bigger and better story for you. Rachel’s captions and stories will give you a peak into her real life, all the silly, unedited and raw parts. She is one of the few gals that is totally transparent about her struggles yet brings in all of her passions: life, fashion and silliness!

**Follow Rachel by clicking the pink links!

2. Sarah Paige Diaries / @sarahpaigediaries


Next up is one of my insta besties, Sarah! Sarah S, or SarahPaigeDiaries on Insta, is one of the purest and most down to earth gals. Her bio explains her mission perfectly: “Following Jesus and writing it all down.” Sarah lives a simple life but follows God radically. Her words are deep, meaningful and thought-provoking. I always walk away from her insta captions or blog posts (find them at with a challenge and hunger to know God more.

What drew me to this sweet gal was her simple obedience and quiet demeanor. Sarah makes everyone feel like a real life friend and I wish I could sit down and have coffee with her in real life! She just wants you to know you’re fully known and deeply loved.

**Follow Sarah by clicking the pink links!

3. London Clift / @londonclift


London is one of my new Instagram friends but man, I couldn’t love her more! London, @londonclift on Insta, is a cutie faith, fashion and life blogger. What drew me to London was not only her adorable fashion sense and contagious smile, but her unique ability to spread God’s light in everything she wears, says and does.

London has a way of making everyone who comes across her Insta feel uplifed and joyful. Instead of merely showing her life on social media, she invites every one of her followers in by being real, silly and authentic. I love reading her sweet stories of how God has worked in her life and others. I love this gal and can’t thank her enough for the light she’s brought to my life.

**Follow London by clicking the pink links!

4. Lauren Carter / @laurennoelcarter


Lauren Carter. Enough said. (Hahah but seriously!) Lauren is one of my absolute favorite people on this planet — and I’m blessed enough to be REAL LIFE FRIENDS with her! We have so many crazy connections (maybe more on that later) and we’ve had the privelege of hanging out a few times and it has filled my soul.

Lauren is @laurennoelcarter on Insta and  I know this lovely lady both on social media and off –and I can say that she is deeply real and genuine. She is the same gal on socials as she is off socials. Lauren has a passion for people, making real connections and providing encouragement for “your fam, home and heart.” You will never get tired of pictures of her sweet family and her cutie self. She encourages me to be a better friend and her captions always make me smile and leave me with something to consider and pray about. Plus, she makes me excited to be a wife and mother someday. I love this gal! You’re missing out if you’re not following The Guest Room.

**Follow Lauren by clicking the pink links!

5. Shelby Esau / @pop_dot


Shelby, sweet Shelby! Just a few months ago, I came across her Instagram (@pop_dot) and quickly hit that follow button. Not only is Shelby’s feed gorgeous and stunning, so is her heart. Her bio explains her purpose perfectly: “Pursuing our purpose + deepening our trust.” She is all about being vulnerable with her life and values the beauty and sufficiency of Jesus’ Word.

Reading her posts gives me a glimpse into her heart and I always walk away feeling like I have just heard a little mini sermon. Shelby’s insta is one of the few that values the Bible and its power to meet us where we are — it’s power to heal us, pursue our purpose and deepen our trust in Jesus. I love this gal and I know you will too!

**Follow Shelby by clicking the pink links!

6. Angel Logan / @pearlsandjesus


Sweet Angel (@pearlsandjesus) is the cutest lil gal you’ll ever see. She’s loves all things girly and all things Jesus! She is a faith and fashion blog ( Just like her feed, Angel’s personality is vibrant and bold, yet sweet and meek. She loves preaching to her followers the value and worth that comes with knowing Jesus. She talks about sweet and encouraging things and also some hard things like singleness. No matter how hard life can be, Angel always holds onto Jesus in passionately pursues hope!

I love this gal and everything she stands for. She occassionally does prayer challenges and super fun things like that which make it even more of a joy to follow along.

**Follow Angel by clicking the pink links!

7. Hannah / @hannah_with_the_lipstick


I found Hannah a few weeks ago on Insta (@hannah_with_the_lipstick). I was drawn to her beautiful feed, beautiful self and beautiful heart! Hannah is a lover of faith and beauty! I love seeing her makeup, hairstyles and fashion — she is seriously such a cutie and makes me want to move to California haha!

However, her heart is the most beautiful. I love her “real talk.” Often, I’ll scroll through my feed and find one of her stunning photos with an even more stunning caption. She shares her thoughts and what God has been teaching her through life in great detail — she challenges me to pursue life loudly and without abandon for Jesus.

**Follow Hannah by clicking the pink links!

8. Jessie Tartarini / @thejessiegrace


Jessie! I’ve been a follower/friend of Jessie for a few months now and I freakin love this gal. I found her on Instagram (@thejessiegrace) when I was looking for likeminded bloggers and sisters in Christ. What stood out to me about Jessie was how much she loved her husband, her life and her Savior. She cares deeply about people and she follows Jesus in everything she does; whether she posts about a cute outfit or something fun she did that day.

I love her stunning pictures, her #faithfriday’s and her simple encouragements for life on her blog ( She also has a super fun YouTube channel (click here to watch) where you get to see and hear more of her heart for Jesus and practical encouragements. I always get super excited to see a new post from this gal!

**Follow Jessie by clicking the pink links!

9. Taylor / @thetayloredlifeblog


Taylor (@thetayloredlifeblog) is one of my newest insta besties and literally the happiest person you’ll meet on socials! She’s the cutest and most bubbliest light, blogging all about life and style. Everyday she encourages me with something she’s learning from the Lord, something that has happened in her day or just by posting a cute outfit with a smile!

She is hard working and fiercely loyal! She is also a newlywed and shares tons of content on that as well which is super fun. I love Taylor’s love for life, fitness, and yummy food haha! Being a part of Taylor’s community on Insta or her blog ( will make you feel welcomed, loved and uplifted.

**Follow Taylor by clicking the pink links!

10. Keely Kohl / @keelykstudios


Keely is the BEST HUMAN. I am so thankful to know this gem and be real life friends with her. I’ve had the pleasure of basically “growing up” with Keely. She was one of my ballet teachers for a few months and we go to the same church! and I always looked up to her. Over the years, she has grown into my mentor/big sister and her wisdom is crazy wonderful. She is silly and sweet and loves her peeps with a big love.

She is the best photographer I know with such a creative eye (find her photography stuff at She captures each person she shoots with love and she makes everyone feel known and valued. I love her wisdom that she has shared over the years and I can’t thank the Lord enough for her impact in my life. Over at her Instagram (@keelykstudios), she has started sharing more of her personal life which includes herself, her husband and her two adorable children. Her account is a burst of light to your life!

**Follow Keely by clicking the pink links!


I hope that you have enjoyed reading a little bit about some of my favorite encouraging, Christian gal pals. They are so sweet and definitely will make social media a brighter place. They lead in a honest, uplifting and genuine way. I love social media for this reason — that we can all find lovely people who are serving Jesus with their talents!

Also, if you aren’t already, would you want to join me over on Instagram? My Instagram is @miss_tara_sun and I love sharing encouragement, honest messages, my life and some fun outfits!

Have a wonderful day, loves! Thanks again for being here. You’re the best. 💗

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