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How I Curl My Hair: Everyday Curls

This post is LONG overdue, babes! Ever since I started blogging and Instagramming, I have had so many requests to share my “hair curling secrets!” Well, I’m finally getting around to it and I have a video up for you at the bottom of this post as well! 😊 It was super fun to put together and I hope you enjoy and take something away from this!

My video editing skills aren’t professional by any means, but I just wanted to give you an idea of how I achieve my everyday curls! Before we jump into the video, I wanted to share a few of my favorite hair care products & tips that help out with the curling process.

My Hair Curling Tips
  • My hair tends to curl best when it’s “a day old.” This means that my curls hold best the day after I wash it! If I try and curl it in the same day that its been washed, it doesn’t hold as well. Grittier/”dirtier” hair works best in my opinion!
  • USE HEAT PROTECTANT! Whether it’s a heat protectant mousse that you put on wet hair, or a spray for dry hair, use a heat protectant. This may seem unnecessary but it’s so darn important. Heat damages hair so much so it’s best to cover it in as much protection as possible.
  • I like using a barrel that is anywhere from 1″-2″! My go-to barrel sizes are 1″ or 1.5″ — they seem to achieve my favorite type of curl.
  • Invest in a good curler. You can get a cheap curler at the drugstore, but I’ve found that the more expensive ones last longer and are better in the long run for your hair. My favorite brands are Hot Tools or T3.
My Hair Curling Essentials
How I Curl My Hair!

One thought on “How I Curl My Hair: Everyday Curls

  1. Thanks so much for this post! Even though my hair isn’t SUPER long, it’s still pretty thick, and I realized I was holding the curler in such a way that actually made it harder for me. I also never used heat protectant because whenever I sprayed it onto my hair, it would only hit one little circle of the section, and it made my hair sticky…I feel so stupid because I didn’t even think to spray it onto my hand and comb it through my hair😂
    I just attempted to curl my hair using some of the tips you gave after not doing it for about 8 months! It went so much quicker! Thanks again!


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