A Thank You Note to my Readers!

Hi there, friends! 💗

Hope you all had an amazing Christmas celebration with family & friends. I pray that it was a sweet time to reconnect and most importantly, reflect on the birth of our precious Savior.

I had an awesome time spending it with both my family and my sweet boyfriend. There was lots of food eaten, lots of laughs exchanged and so much thankfulness!

Can you believe it’s almost 2019?! If I’m being perfectly honest, I’m shocked. I feel this way everytime New Year’s Eve rolls around. It’s been a whirlwind of a year and it’s been so fun for me to take some time and reflect.

2018 was very much a rebuilding year for me. At the beginning of 2018, I had finally made peace in my heart with the Lord after stepping away from Oregon State. I was finally starting to come back from the embarrassment and failure I felt. The Lord had started to forge opportunities for me to serve in church ministry and push me more and more towards ministry. My heart and love for the church and God’s people began to grow more and more.

I had the opportunity to work at one of my favorite retail stores from April to November, until the Lord called me away from that. One of the best things that 2018 brought was the opportunity to study with The Masters University Online. The Lord prompted me to apply to Masters after talking to some dear friends and I got accepted in July!

Ever since, I have been working towards my Bachelors in Biblical Counseling, in the hopes and prayers of being a counselor to women in need of the Lord’s healing.

Then in September… the Lord blew me out of the water one day by prompting me to consider blogging. “Blogging? What in the world, Lord?” was my response. After faithful prayer and seeking out advice, I launched Immeasurably More in November.

This blogging adventure has brought so much joy to my heart and soul! I would have never thought that the Lord would call me to sharing my life like this… but I am so thankful He has. I’ve met so many amazing people who are on fire for Jesus and many who are hungry to learn more about Jesus. I’ve had interactions with many young women who have been encouraged by the Lord through my posts. I have had the opportunity to follow the Lord, both in writing about Him and my hobbies.

All of this to say… THANK YOU. Thank you, my dear readers, for being so faithful and kind. Thank you for taking time out of your days to read and open your heart to what the Lord has to say to you and me. Thank you for supporting me, whether it be in prayers, comments or even likes and shares. Thank you to those who have reached out with encouraging stories from your life and suggestions for me.

Every morning I wake up and am excited to pray and brainstorm ideas. Every day I’m committed to pray for each and everyone of you, in the hopes that you realize that God has immeasurably more to offer you.

So thank you. From the bottom of my heart. I am endlessly thankful for you. Thank you for following me and I hope you stick around as we head into a new year. With 100% confidence, I am sure that the Lord has much more to teach you and I.

Happy New Year! ✨





4 thoughts on “A Thank You Note to my Readers!

    1. Maddie! Your support, encouragement and kind comments means so much to me. It is such a joy have you follow along and I pray that the Lord has been speaking to you! Stick around for some awesome things in 2019 ❤️


    1. Hi Janice! Yes ma’am! I’ve been blogging since October and it has been such an amazing experience and ministry. 🙂 Thank you for following along! Can’t wait for what God has in 2019!


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