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What Your Wardrobe Needs

**Disclaimer: This is in no way sponsored by any brands! I’m just giving my genuine, 100% honest review in hopes that you love it just like I do!**

In today’s blog post, I’m going to introduce you to a brand that you need in your closet. If your closet was full of this brand’s clothing alone, you’d be set!

I found this lovely company a few months back when I started to really invest my time into blogging. My main mission is still to show the world through my life and through God’s Word that He has immeasurably more to offer. But… I also have been embracing my God-given love for fashion, clothes and styling! It’s such a great opportunity to be able to discover new companies; their beautiful clothes, staff and vision!


Journey Five! 


I discovered this brand on Instagram and have fallen in love. Journey Five is a clothing brand that was founded by Allison Deru in 2013. Allison is a mother of five and her vision is to create clothes that work with “all of life’s journeys”. As women, we all want clothes that make us look and feel good but also functional and at a great price! Allison says, “Journey 5 is dedicated to designing, finding, and providing fashionable products at great prices.” Oh… and did I mention that they offer FREE US shipping?!

I would describe Journey Five by these words: simple, versatile, elegant, unique and eye-catching. 

When I first checked out their site, I was surprised by the prices of their clothes! I’ve worked at very high-end retail stores and seen how highly clothes are marked up. When I feel and wear Journey Five’s quality, I can’t believe the price. It’s affordable for every walk of life. (Also, all of their items are both fashionable AND modest, which is so hard to come across these days!)

I’ve been so blessed by my interactions with the J5 staff on multiple occassions and I have to say… they are some of the sweetest, most down to earth gals! You feel like you’re apart of a family and that is something so important to me.

A little while ago, they sent me a few pieces to try out and wear, and I have been LIVING in them!


This gorgeous dress is a beautiful winter essential! It’s literally the softest dress ever! I love the length and the color reminds me of a red Christmas berry! It has pretty floral detail and around the back of the neck is a tie detail which adds to it’s charm. I wore it to a friend’s wedding in South Carolina (when it was freeezzzinggg) and it was great for the occassion.


THIS sweater. I’ve had to stop myself from wearing it so often because I’ve been wearing it nonstop! 😂 It’s nonetheless so gorgeous, with the most beautiful detail on the sleeves. I love the fact that it’s a cream color and it screams wintery Christmas to me! It’s still on the site and on sale! Here’s the link if you want to shop it NOW for $37! Dacey Crochet Sweater

Last but not least, is this gorgeous dress! It’s hard to see the detailing in these pictures, but its a pretty white-ish/grey color. The sleeves have a sweet, scallopped detail around the elbow. It hits at my knees (5’3 over here!) and you could totally pair it with heels or booties and tights!

I just wanted to introduce y’all to an AWESOME company that I fell in love with instantly. The company in NO WAY endorsed me to write this article, I just wanted to clue you guys in on an amazing company that I hope you love as much as I do.

The staff is beautiful, kind and so generous. Shopping with them makes the experience fun and their clothes are designed to make every woman, no matter the walk of life or size, feel gorgeous.

I hope that you enjoyed this post and enjoyed getting to know this company. Personally, I love hearing about new brands, their vision and what they have to offer. But don’t take it from me! Check them out for yourself!

You can shop using my link below! (I’m an affiliate for this brand because I love them so much. By shopping using this link below, I receive a small small commission and it helps out bloggers in this way.) 💗

Shop Journey Five

Journey Five Instagram

2 thoughts on “What Your Wardrobe Needs

  1. These are beautiful pieces! I remember seeing that dress on you in SC. It really does accent you perfectly. Maybe when I get my debit card replaced, I will shop there too.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes! It was a great dress to wear to Melody’s wedding. 🙌🏼 Thank you sooo much, you are seriously the sweetest ever! You definitely should check them out if you’re interested. They have amazing items!


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