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Christmas 2018 Gift Guide

It’s almost December, y’all! Can you believe it? This year has flown by so fast! I’m the type of person who loves to be organized and ahead of the game when it comes to gifts for Christmas.

Are you the same way? Or are you more of a last minute person?

I thought it’d be fun to make a Christmas gift guide this year! It’s always so helpful for me to see what other people think would make great gifts. Sometimes I feel like I can’t get creative with my gift giving. If you’re in the same boat, take a look at my gift guide and see if it inspires you. I linked everything, so if you want to shop it — click the orange, underlined title and it’ll take you directly to the site!

For your Dad…

Air Pods: I know these are pretty spendy, but I know a lot of people LOVE their Air Pods. If your dad is into fitness, walking/running, or just on-the-go, I think he would love a pair. The sound is incredible and they’re so easy to tote around.

Fossil Watch: Whether he is “fancy” or not, basically every dad is in need of a nice watch. I’ve gotten a few Fossil watches over the years as presents and I love their quality. They come in various different styles, sporty, fancy and trendy.

Men’s Cologne: Men’s cologne can be a little on the spendier side, but I’ve found that most dad’s love receiving a good smelling cologne. (Plus, you’ll gain some brownie points with your mom!😉) This is one of my favorite men’s scent, Mont Blanc’s “Legend.” It’s the perfect scent for a man, without being too musty or too sweet. At Nordstrom, you can always get cologne in a set with multiple products and you can divy them up between the men in your life!

Coffee Date Certificate: This is a fun one if you’re a) on a budget or b) love quality time with your father more than anything. A few years ago, I did this for my dad’s birthday. I wrote him up a little card that said something like: “This is good for 1 coffee date.” We found a cute coffee shop in Beaverton, had speciality coffees, donuts and beignets! Dad’s love quality time more than anything and it’s a sweet time just to talk and spend some precious 1-on-1 time.

For your Mom…

Roller Perfumes: This is a great alternative to buying a huge, expensive bottle of perfume! Roller ball perfumes! They’re the perfect travel size and they last longer than you would think. It’s fun to collect them and have a few different scents. My favorite scent recommendations are anything Kate Spade, Calvin Klein, Philosophy or Gucci! Your mama will love this!

Candles: What mama doesn’t LOVE candles?! Every mother would love to receive a beautiful-smelling candle for Christmas. They could burn it in the kitchen, during a soak in the tub or at their bedside while reading a book. Anthropologie has my favorite scents for candles. They have sales often on their home and you can usually get them at a discounted rate! Bath & Body also has some awesome ones!

Mani/Pedi Certificate: Another “quality time” present! Grab a mani and pedi certificate, or just one of the two. Take her out on a girl’s date! Get your toes or fingers done and go shopping somewhere. Make a whole day of it. My mom and I love doing things like this. Not only do our nails get all prettied up, we get to spend sweet fellowship together. Your mom will just love being together… and who doesn’t love a foot massage and pretty nails? 😉

For your Brother…

Hammock: This is a GREAT gift for the brother(s) in your life! Hammocking is the new thing. My brother has one and gets some friends together and they just go hammock and chat. These types of hammocks come in various colors, brands and styles. If your brother likes camping, adventuring or the outdoors, he’ll love this. They’re also pretty comfy, surprisingly!

Flannel Shirts: Speaking from personal experience, flannels make great gifts for any gift in your life. But I’ve gotten a few over the years for my brother and he gets great use out of his. The softer the better! They can so easily dress them up with some nice jeans and boots or dress them down with an athletic vest overtop. I’ve found some super soft ones from Abercrombie & Fitch (they’re on sale right now, I believe) and American Eagle always has super soft ones too!

Tennis Shoes: Whether your brother is into sports or not, tennis shoes are always make a fun gift. Tennis shoes are notoriously comfortable and versatile. Amazon sells Nikes (Adidas and basically every other brand) and if you have Prime — boom. 2 day shipping.

Travel Organizers: This may not seem like the most glamorous present, but your brother may need it! HAHA. Travel cubes make packing and traveling a breeze! They make it easier to stay organized and clean and you can easily separate dirty from clean clothes if needed. Your brother may not think this is a great gift but trust me… he’s going to appreciate it when he can’t get his suitcase to close because it’s overflowing!

For your Sister / Best Friend…

Bath Bombs / Salts: For the bath lover / pamper queen! I’ve received a few bath bombs and salts over the years and they’re so fun to get. I don’t take a ton of baths, but when I do, its so fun to have something sweet smelling and relaxing. Plus, bath bombs are way more fun than anything! They’re inexpensive and can also double as great stocking stuffers.

Makeup Palettes: For the makeup lover! If your sister / bestie loves makeup, eyeshadow palettes are always so fun to receive. You can get mini ones or larger ones, depending on how much you want to spend. I’d recommend Tarte, Two Faced or Morphe palettes! They have great quality and Ulta almost always has sales on these palettes.

Bible Studies / Journals: I recently found this company, “Daily Grace Co.” and I am in love with it. Daily Grace Co. sells Bible studies, planners, prayer journals, Bibles and much more. I own a few of their Bible studies and they are amazing. They are written beautifully and powerfully from the Word of God. There are studies for everything: on women of the Bible, of the Psalms and many other awesome topics. I’d greatly recommend this for your sis or friend who is wanting to dig deeper into their faith and learn more about Jesus. This is an eternally significant gift. 💗 Check them out if you haven’t before!

Hope these suggestions were helpful to you! If they were, let me know in the comments below and share this gift guide! During this crazy time of frantic shopping, let’s help one another out! 😉

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