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Ladies, this is for you! I got a ton of questions about fashion/styling tips on my Instagram, so I thought I’d answer with this post!

All things fashion!

“What are your favorite fashion trends? How to do I dress modestly, but still cute? How do I layer? What do I wear for fall and winter?”

All great questions, ladies. I loved this question because I’m ALL about fashion and styling. If you’ve ever met me, I’m sure you already know this HAHA! (I actually started lifestyle and fashion blogging over at my instagram so if you wanna follow me, head over to “miss_tara_sun” 😉)

Here’s my motto when it comes to fashion: You can still dress cute AND modestly AND honor Jesus. God wants His daughters to dress in a way that honors Him. But that doesn’t mean we have to wear dresses down to our toes and sleeve lengths to our wrists. God created women beautiful! That is a quality we ALL have. Psalm 139 tells us that we are “fearfully and wonderfully made”. Ladies, as long as our hearts and intentions are pure, we can still dress cute and fashion-forward!

Here are a few of my favorite fashion trends and styling tips!

Tip #1: Layering is your friend.

The best thing about layering is that not only is it cute, it keeps you warm! Fall and winter is the best time to break out allll the layers. Longline jackets, teddy coats and cardigans are perfect to drape over a long sleeve or a sweater. Longline jackets are a fall essential, especially if they’re warm. Leather jackets are also a fun alternative if you’re feeling a little grungy and rebellious! 😉 My favorite way to style an outfit is to wear a turtleneck or a long sleeve and throw a long cardigan over it. You can never go wrong with this!

My favorite brands for layering: Nordstrom, ASOS, H&M

Tip #2: Accessorize to the heavens! 

Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize! This is an easy way to add flare to a normal outfit. Both floppy and structured hats are really on trend this year. You may think you’re not a “hat person”, but give it a whirl. You never know! And not only are scarves cute, they’re warm! It’s like leaving your house with a giant blanket. Pop on a hat and a scarf and adds a level of sophistication to a normal sweater!

My favorite brands for accessories: Anthropologie, Nordstrom, Target, Francescas

Tip #3: Athleisure is in.

This is one of my fav trends right now! It’s called “athleisure” / mix between athletic and leisure wear. Do you have a hoodie? Do you have leggings? Do you have a moto jacket or a denim jacket? Do you have Vans or some sort of sneakers? You’re set. This trend is effortless yet so chic. It’s easily transitional from fall to winter and winter to spring. Throw ya hair up into a messy bun, head out the door and tackle your day. It’s the perfect way to look “chic on the go”!

My favorite brands for “athleisure”: Aerie, Nike, Ptula

Tip #4: Blazers and leather, y’all.

For some of you, blazers and leather jackets can seem a little risky. But trust me. It’s so doable! Blazers can be both casual and dressy. My favorite way to wear a blazer is to throw it over a blouse and pair it with some denim. You’ll be surprised how much a blazer can elevate an outfit! It gives me businesswoman vibes and I love it. You can go to basically any store and find an inexpensive blazer. And LEATHER! Leather is a little more on the riskier side, but hey, you can rock it if you want. I love wearing it over a sweater or a dress and some tights. Want to go out of your comfort zone and be a little edgier this season? Your answer is leather. 😉

My favorite brands for jackets: H&M, Nordstrom, American Eagle

Tip #5: Skirts and tees. 

I have to admit, I don’t own a lot of skirts but I love what they add to my wardrobe. Midi skirts (ankle length) are fabulous and look good on any body shape really. They’re mostly all high waisted and it gives the “allusion” of a tiny waist and long legs! (Good for my short-leg gals especially!) Another favorite is courdoury or denim skirts with tights and booties. Through on a sweater, your favorite skirt, tights and a pair of booties. Boom.

My favorite brands for skirts: Francesca’s, Anthropologie, Target

Tip #6: Black booties. Enough said.

I saved the best for last. BLACK BOOTIES. **drool** Honestly, I don’t think a pair of good quality, leather boots will ever go out of style. I recently got my first pair of GOOD quality leather boots. They’re the Blondo “Elvina” waterproof booties. Waterproof, yes you heard me. (Check them out, y’all.)  Black leather boots go with anything — dresses, skirts, denim, jumpers, you name it! They are absolutely timeless. And if you get a quality and comfortable pair, they will last you a lifetime.

My favorite brands of booties: Nordstrom, DSW


Thanks for following along as I share some of my favorite fashion trends and styling tips! I could go on and on about this topic, but these are just some of my favs for this fall and winter! Hope I could provide some inspiration for you lovely ladies!

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