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Recently, I posted a poll for y’all on my Instagram asking what kind of posts you’d like to see from this blog. (If you don’t follow me on Insta, my username is miss_tara_sun¬†ūüėČ) A lot of you guys gave some¬†AWESOME suggestions and you bet I’ll be covering all of those in posts to come!

Today, I wanted to talk all things Christian music, podcasts and books. Here are some suggestions of my favorite resources for any lifestyle. I hope you enjoy!


Some of my favorite songs / albums / artists! These are all fairly recent so let’s dive in.

1.) “Hallelujah Here Below” Album by Elevation Worship¬†*upper left*

This album came out at the end of September and it’s been on repeat since then. I have been an Elevation Worship fan for awhile, but this album in particular has really stood out to me. The words are filled with promises; they give a believer the feeling of victory, as they sing God’s goodness and power back to Him. Some of my favorite songs from the album are, “Won’t Stop Now”, “Echo feat. Tauren Wells”, “Mighty God”, “Faithful” and “Still God”.

2.) Lauren Daigle *upper right*

Wow. This lady. I seriously admire her ferocious love she has for Jesus. Her songs are real, honest and powerful anthems. She’s gotten a lot of attention in the secular world, and it’s great to see her worship reaching unbelievers. I love her new album, “Look Up Child.” Some of my favorites from it are, “Love Like This”, “Look Up Child” and “Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus.”

3.) “Living with a Fire” Album by Jesus Culture¬†*lower left*

I’ve been obsessed with Jesus Culture since I can remember. Not only are the worship leaders amazing singers, they always create a powerful, worshipful setting within each song. Their new album, “Living with a Fire” features some of my favorite artists, Bryan and Katie Torwalt. Some of my favorites are, “Defender”, “Move”, “Living with a Fire”, “Freedom” and “Be Crowned”.

4.)¬†“Hymns Vol. 1” Album by Shane and Shane¬†*lower right*

I’ve grown up in a church where hymns are sung regularly, so I think it’s sad that they aren’t known much in churches today. When I discovered Shane and Shane came out with a hymns album, I was all for it. They take the original hymns and preserve them, still just as beautiful and meditative. Some of my favorites are, “Tis So Sweet”, “He Will Hold Me Fast”, “How Great Thou Art” and “Holy, Holy, Holy”. Take a listen and give it a chance, even if you’re not a natural hymns fan. ūüėČ

If you have Spotify, and you’re interested, below is a¬†link to my Worship Playlist! It has all my favorites on there!


Podcasts are my new favorite go-to. I listen to an episode while I do my hair/makeup in the morning, while I’m driving or even before bed. They are the easiest thing ever! Replace your normal Netflix binge and listen to a podcast instead — they feed your soul.

1.) She Podcast by Jordan Lee Dooley *upper left*

I’ve never met Jordan Dooley, but listening to the She podcast makes it feel like we’re besties. Jordan is a Christian writer that has been creating content for awhile now. The episodes are anywhere from 20 min.-1 hr. Her focus is to be¬†intentional and practical, giving all women the practical tools to navigate relationships, business and major life decisions. Girls from middle school all the way to 100 years old will find so much value. It feels like sitting down to coffee with a bestie!

2.) Girls Night Podcast by Stephanie May Wilson *upper right*

This is a new podcast to me but I have loved what I’ve heard so far. Stephanie’s podcast makes you feel like you’re chilling with some of your favorite gals and just talking about life. Stephanie is a great Christian gal with lots of great advice. The episodes cover things like dating, marriage, anxiety and depression, finances, friendships, big life decisions, business and MORE.

3.) Pray the Word by David Platt *lower left*

I’d highly recommend this one if you’re in a hurry and need a quick meditation of the Word, or are just looking for great, Scripturally sound content. Platt covers a book of the Bible, a few verses each episode. He reads the Scripture and then walks you through on how to¬†live¬†and¬†pray¬†the Word. Episodes are 10 minutes or less! Pop this podcast in when you’re heading to work, taking the kids to school or running errands.

4.) Passion City DC Podcast by Ben Stuart *lower right*

I discovered this podcast when I was working on the farm this summer. I needed something long, Biblically sound and entertaining.¬†This checked all the boxes for me. Ben Stuart is the pastor of Passion City church in DC and these podcasts are recordings of his sermons. Stuart is an excellent exegete (one who knows how to correctly interpret the Bible’s meaning). His knowledge of the Word and Jesus are comforting. Not to mention he’s super funny! I’ll guarantee you’ll sit there and laugh a time or two throughout these episodes, all the while, being fed by the Holy Spirit.


Well… I tried to keep this post short, but naturally, I couldn’t help myself…oops haha! I have too many favorites and too many reasons why I love them. To finish, let’s talk about my current favorite reads!

1.) “Taking God at His Word” by Kevin DeYoung

Are you struggling with trusting the Bible’s words? Do you desire to know how to read and know the Bible better? Do you want to know what the Bible means to you as a Christian? Do you question the Bible’s relevancy and authority? If you relate to any of those questions, get this book. Even though I’ve known Jesus and the Bible since I was little, this book increased my appreciation for the Bible and¬†why¬†it’s enough, understandable and profitable for me.

2.)¬†“Recovering the Real Lost Gospel” by Darrell L. Bock¬†

Seems like a mouthful, huh? This book isn’t as intimidating as it sounds. Basically, this book is a reminder that the Bible is¬†good news. Bock makes a startling statement that a lot of people have lost what the gospel means and have run to other things for satisfaction. This book gives a comprehensive, yet understandable, overview of what the gospel message is. It’s more than just a cross and what Jesus did on the cross. Every quality of the gospel is exposed. Read this, whether you’re a new Christian or a “seasoned” one.

I could go on and on about my favorite music, podcasts and books but these are just a few of my absolute favorites. I hope that if you were introduced to a new resource, that you’d take a chance on it. Thanks for listening to this mouthful of favorites! See you next time!

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